Everything Integrates Quite Nicely: Except Rails

Alternative title “You are going to hate this but….”

We Need a Maven Rails Plugin and a Maven Capistrano Plugin

No, I’m serious. Here’s why… Everything I touch integrates with Maven, Flex code, DocBook, Java code, JRuby code, etc….. Everything except those two Rails applications that I have to manually deploy using Cap and that one application which is constantly asking me to rake db:migrate the sucker. Add to that the fact that both rails apps share the same model and the contents of the lib directory.

We need a Maven Rails Plugin, and we need a Maven Capistrano Plugin. The idea is that both of these plugins would simply shell out to cap and rails, but they would allow you to bind Ruby build tasks to specific goals. “cap deploy” could be executed during the deploy phase, the tests in the rails application could be run during the test phase.

I’m not doing, just thinking.