My name is Tim O’Brien. I’ve been writing about Java and Technology for a while. I’ve written a few books, and worked on a number of interesting projects. When I’m asked what I do I’ll usually answer with “I’m a developer”, but I’ve done a range of things from management to marketing to writing.

If you are wondering what Discursive is, it is the entity through which I do most of my work. Over the years Discursive has been many things to many clients. I’ve had decade-long engagements supporting startups and projects, and I’ve had one-week projects providing focused help on smaller projects. In recent years, Discursive has been focused on the intersection of development and operations and on efforts to foster open source communities.

This blog is rated PG-13.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Tim,

    Doing some research work about applying Rails migration mechanisms to a Java project. It appears that you had a series of blog posts on this topic (Rails vs Liquibase)… but the links appear dead. Any chance you could post the updated links?


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