My First 7th, 8th, and 9th Tweets Ever – Still Somewhat Accurate

Now that Twitter is going public, I was wondering what my first few tweets were in April 2007.  Some of them were funny.  Like my 6th tweets is: “Abandoning Continuum – Maven Blows” and my 14th Tweet which was: “OMG, like, using Twitter I can keep up with all my coolest friendz.   This is so totally awesome!  Twitter you are my hero”

But, my 7th through 9th tweets 

2007-04-23 twitter is for jerks
2007-04-23 twitter is for the hundred or so people who revolve around the SFBay area and give a crap
2007-04-23 oh twitter, can’t get enough of twitter, blahblahblah – twitter is a web20 dream….

With all the publicity that Twitter is getting this week I’m coming back to the same sentiment.  Twitter, while useful and interesting, has overplayed its hand of late.  It’s a great marketing tool, don’t get me wrong, but it’s also an echo-chamber of super Narcissists (myself included, I mean I do have a blog, don’t I?)