GitHub, Deploy Hooks Could Use Some Love

GitHub offers integration with a billion zillion services, and they just present them all in one big list.  Here’s the problem. Who knows what all these services do?  Notifo, Pushalot, Grove, DeployHQ, Depending, Jaconda, Irker, Planbox, Pipplydoodah, Circleci, JimmyBox, and one hundred more… I’d love to know what these services do, I would, but I feel like this list of options is absurd.

Here’s the combined screenshot of the deploy hook screen, if it were an artwork I would name it, “Do we really need another damn issue tracker?”  After this massive screenshot, some suggestions for GitHub…


You see how that doesn’t scale well?  It’s the phonebook effect and it gives every open source project or company in the space an incentive to name themselves something that starts with “A”.

  1. Sorting alphabetically by default, can we have other options? – Imagine if Google Play gave you a list of applications starting at A?
  2. Provide some categories for deploy hooks – I’d like to see all the issue trackers or all the notification services.   This would help make sense of the list.
  3. Give me some statistics about usage – Look at how the Drupal project displays statistics about adoption with graphs over time, do that.
  4. Provide users with the ability to comment on deploy hooks – If I’m contemplating using one of these hooks, it would help to know if “the crowd” had an issue with it.
  5. Make an editorial choice and feature some hooks over others – Why not?  Maybe you could charge these companies money to say good things about them?

If you made this page more of a showcase of the deploy hooks that people are actually using, if you exposed statistics about adoption, and if you made this page friendlier for novices you’d get even more signups per day than you are getting now.