GigaOm’s SQL on Hadoop Report…

GigaOM released a report about “SQL-on-Hadoop” which talks about some of the trends I discussed at Strata last month.  They have a completely different perspective on the problem, I think one that is mostly informed by vendors in the topic area, namely Cloudera and the work being done on Impala. They do mention a few Apache projects, and some of those “risky startups”.

Was it sponsored by Cloudera?   Not sure, but if you do an exact search for the phrase “MapReduce does not gracefully handle many concurrent requests”, you’ll get a link to the PDF on the Cloudera site.   Clearly, they liked what they read enough to make a paid report freely available on the website.   Seems to suggest some relationship, no?   …there is nothing wrong with this, a very common practice for content marketing is to approach an analyst firm and sponsor content (and then ask them to call the competition “risky startups”).   Was it sponsored?  I don’t know.

Also, what I love about analyst reports are statements that take no risk and make no predictions.  Here’s an example:

“Their technology bets are risky but, if obviously superior, could allow them to stage a market coup.”

That’s as bold as saying, “Some companies are proposing innovative solutions which, if successful, could change everything.”  How does this stuff get approved by an editor?

That being said, maybe they are right? Those startups are risky: Drawn-to-Scale ist kaput.