Backups I can forget about (or am I totally paranoid?)

Alright, here it is.  I’m completely paranoid about backups.   Most people would be comfortable reading an SLA from a company and then sitting back and relaxing.  I don’t buy it.  I can’t relax about backups because I lost a startup to a lightning bolt in Charlottesville, VA in 1997.  I’m totally paranoid about backups, have been ever since.  I’ll set the suckers up, I’ll relax for a week or so, but then I’m constantly checking the damn things.

I’m OCD about backups.

Anyway, so here’s the question.  I’ve got a bunch of super important crap on S3.  Yes, I turned on versioning for all my buckets.  I’ve got databases on Heroku and on RDS.   Super important stuff… i.e. if I lost it, it would be a very bad day for all involved.

Here’s the question:  Should I back it up off of Amazon AWS to another provider?   Or, should I just rest easy knowing that S3 promises multi-data center redundancy?   Is there a company out there that I can just sign-up for and check a box “Backup all my AWS stuff to an underground salt mine”?   That’s what I’m looking for  – backups I can forget about.

Most people are relaxing on a Friday night, but no, not me.  I’m stewing over backups.  That’s the way I roll.