Discursive Episode #5: GitHub is Taking Over, Java Programmers are Old, and Heroku

Topics covered:

1. Github is taking over.  December was an impressive march of features, and the company is posting some crazy statistics.   On an average weekday 10K new users create a first repository.   That’s an insane growth curve.

2. Average Age of Stackoverflow contributors by tag.  Some surprises, but mostly in line with what you would expect.

3. Heroku I hate you, but I depend on you….  After another month of AWS problems one has to wonder when Heroku will figure out how to deploy across multiple cloud providers (or even how to deploy to more than just us-east).  Do it.

Here’s a link to the MP3 for Episode #5.

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Dude that indexed stack tags by age: “Windsor, Ontario, Canada, programmer. I do full time work for Mozilla working on the Firefox browser.”


“Dreams of ‘open’ Everything” by Quentin Hardy in the New York Times: “The efficiency of large groups working together is very low in large enterprises. We want to change that.” – Tom Preston-Werner, GitHub’s co-founder and chief executive



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