The GitHub Launch Page (or GitHub is the Dev’s Google)

GitHub has been adding features almost at a rate of one per day so it is difficult to keep up, but Matthew McCullough brought the Launch Page to my attention last week and it is my new developer homepage.     The launch page is available here:, and it is just the GitHub command bar – nothing else.   While this seems like a silly little feature at first glance, I’ve found that it makes the difference between a productive day and a distracted day.


The Github site is, itself, somewhat distracting.  Especially the first screen, I have several contexts to choose from, there’s always too much information to make my dashboard meaningful, and I always end up in some random walk across interesting projects.  The Launch Page doesn’t just make GitHub less distracting for me, it changes the way I’m interacting with the tool.    Github is now much more about search and commands – I’m not “going” to Github to see what’s going on any more, I’m asking it questions and it’s delivering answers much like Google.

So, in summary, GitHub is the new Google.