Top 10 Phrases at Work: November 19, 2012

This is a list assembled from a scientific poll of 2 million “knowledge workers” conducted via the Information Super Highway.   On November 19, 2012, these were the top 10 phrases uttered in a business setting:

  1. “Is that me or you?”
  2. “Why don’t you try closing some apps?”
  3. “How many people in the office are using Spotify right now, WTF?”
  4. “It isn’t me, I’m on a wired connection.”
  5. “I think it’s you, I just had a great conversation without any of these problems.”
  6. “Maybe we should try Google+?   Are you on Google+?”
  7. “How the hell do I start a Hangout?”
  8. “Do I have to be in this meeting?”
  9. “Can you just call my cell?”
  10. “Ok, my cell signal is very spotty.  Can we move this meeting to email?”
  11. “Do they really want me to fax this to them?”
  12. “Do you know if we even have a Fax machine?”
  13. “Do you have a second, I need someone to show me how to use the Fax machine?”

And, my favorite:

14. “What timezone did you schedule this meeting in?”