Can you imagine what Nixon would have done with Mobile Apps?

I was reading this article by John Dunn of Tech World “Obama and Romney election apps suck up personal data, research finds”, and my first thought was, “WWND?” or “What would Nixon do?”

If you’ve ever listened to the Nixon recordings, you’ll understand that the man was a depraved lunatic, hell-bent on destroying his enemies via subterfuge and rule breaking. I’m pretty sure he would have used easy access to A/V devices on mobile phones to gather as much dirty laundry about members of his own party as possible. In fact, he’d probably have a mobile application that did something like Romney’s app does:

“It also notices a user’s device ID, mobile number, carrier, GPS and cell locations and warns them they might be added to the Romney campaign’s contact list, presumably for priority telephone canvassing. It even asks for permission to access the smartphone’s camera and audio recording, although this isn’t used by the app.

That last qualifier is my favorite. Of course it doesn’t access the camera or audio recordings. Of course it doesn’t… but it asks for permission…