OSS in the Enterprise

I’m convinced that OSS has been transforming what we call “The Enterprise” for a few years. It isn’t that businesses are evaluating OSS on purely economic terms like ROI, it is that the individuals who are starting to manage Enterprise IT efforts are OSS participants. They have been “convert” so to speak. The next time you read traditional analysis of OSS in the Enterprise consider that comparing OSS to proprietary software isn’t a direct (or even valid) comparison.

When you “consume” OSS you are participating in an ecosystem even if you don’t fully appreciate it. This participation brings with it an awareness of OSS that transforms your approach to software development. “The Enterprise” doesn’t exist apart from the people that run it, and it is the people that have been transformed by OSS.

Kids, don’t do what I did, remember your keyphrase

I’ve have a long, sordid history with PGP, and the problem is that anyone searching for my key hits this wall of old keys. ¬†This is what happens when you lose your keyphrase over and over again, you end up with a trail of PGP mess that you are unable to revoke. ¬† Don’t like this happen to you kids, use a password wallet.

The problem with not remembering your PGP keyphrase is that you leave a trail of PGP mess.