Another Online Cookbook: The Lift Cookbook

Check out the Lift Cookbook an online cookbook for the Lift Framework. This is an open source book covered by Creative Commons Attribution, Non Commercial, No Derivatives. The book has a Twitter account @liftcookbook. The GitHub account is here (11 watchers, 4 forks) and it appears to be under Richard Dallaway’s account, and from the Impact graph this appears to be a four person effort: Jane Dallaway, Diego Medina, and Mads Hartmann Jensen.

Two quick things about this book: 1.) Awesome to see another free book, Google loves free books, and the cookbook format will generate a steady stream of hits because it is SEO friendly. 2.) It’s web-friendly (unlink my book at the moment) in that it is page oriented and doesn’t suck all the life out of the experience by forcing you to deal with sequencing issues that accompany the printed artifact. #2 in plainspeak: You can read a page like this without ever having to see that it is Section C.2. In other words, you can experience the content as an isolated page.

One more thing, that Table of Contents on every page approach isn’t going to scale very well, and my advice to the authors would be to put Google Analytics on this thing. Online books provide an opportunity for you to get instant feedback on what works and what doesn’t. It will also surprise you what pages end up getting the most traffic. For example, the most popular page in the Commons Java Cookbook is a page that deals with Multipart POST uploads with HttpClient, who would have known were it not for Google Analytics? Also another piece of unsolicited advice: put a copyright notice on every page, really.

Most importantly, here are instructions on how to check out the source code from (of course) Github and submit patches.