Drupal Ditched: The Blog’s on Wordpress and the Book’s on Atlassian OnDemand

I was bamboozled into Drupal. I was working at a company that, one day, literally out of the blue, had Drupal foisted upon it by well meaning management. It was “the tool they understood”, and even though it was the wrong technology fit for the company, it was integrated…. haphazardly. Well, as startups go, the guy that set it up wasn’t around for long, and (overnight) I’m an involuntary Drupal admin.

I tried to make the best of it at the time. Got all hopped up on Drupal propaganda. Those were heady days, the Whitehouse was moving to Drupal, people at O’Reilly’s OSCON were talking about Drupal as the technology “of the year”, etc… I even moved my books over to Drupal to try to establish a practice area for Drupal integration.

And it was interesting for a while. People could log in via Facebook (until I realized that Facebook integration was making Drupal pages take 7 seconds to load), and I had this book up and running that was integrated with a Loopfuse lead capture form for PDF downloads (until Lookfuse decided to terminate my free account that I was depending on). Everything was OK, but honestly Drupal is a huge time suck for administration, time better spent writing was going into hooking up Drupal views and esoteric semi-supported Drupal modules together to supprt simple stuff like “Importing a static HTML site”. Things went well if I decided that every Saturday afternoon was “drupal administration time” because the damn thing needed constant babysitting.

Then I got busy, another kid showed up, and I had people wondering if they couldn’t recreate what I had (this whole book registration thing) for themselves on a company Drupal site. Well sure, why not? That was around the time that the Drupal world decided that everyone needed to upgrade to Drupal 7 (or else). Well, the fun part was that Drupal 7 didn’t support the static HTML import module because “It wasn’t the Drupal Way”.

Months pass and suddenly I find myself with this aging heap of slowly decaying Drupal modules and no motivation to hack on Drupal internals (have you ever tried to look at the internals of a Drupal module? There’s a reason why people laugh when someone calls themselves a “PHP programmer”.)

Critical choice: Do I screw around with Drupal infrastructure so I can be cool and run Drupal 7 and invest a couple of man weeks into getting my book to integrate with Drupal in a way that Drupal people think is valid? Or, do I just punt and make the book a Wiki?

Answer: The book’s a damn Wiki, enough futzing around with Drupal: go get it: Here it is

Answer: The blog’s on WordPress.com (who has time to worry about blogging infrastructure these days? Not me.) http://www.discursive.com. (Well WordPress is still PHP you say? Yes, but the critical difference is that it is PHP I don’t have to worry about.)