maven: frozen in time

Note: I can almost guarantee I’m going to catch some flack for writing this post. Someone’s going to show up and tell me that it is unfair for me to say this when I haven’t stepped up and contributed to the project. Also, I’m speaking for myself here, not as someone who has contributed to Sonatype’s documentation efforts.

Here’s the risky part of the post. I’m not at all excited about Maven these days. It isn’t something that I wake up every day and think, “Wow, Maven’s come so far in the past two years and I’m really excited to teach another Maven training class and update the content to cover new material.” There’s isn’t much new material coming out of the Maven project recently because the project seems to be mired in this state of deadlock.

I’m sitting here watching Gradle pick up momentum, generating a lot of good ideas, and Maven hasn’t even had a point release to fix known bugs since at least April of this year. The Maven project is sitting still. While Maven might have a lock on the build market now, I think people should get ready for a shift.