discursive episode #2: guava controversy, tesla, and hudson/jenkins

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This week’s installment of the Discursive podcast talks about the following topics:

  • Kevin Bourillion’s controversial Google+ post about Guava – Basically Kevin told the world that the Guava project almost never looks at submitted patches.  A bunch of people have used this as an opportunity to suggest that this isn’t a real open source project.  What do you think?
  • Jason van Zyl finally whipped the covers off of Tesla.   If you’ve been watching Maven, you’ve probably noticed his absence for a few months, well he’s been busy working on some extensions to Maven that he’s calling Tesla.   There’s not a lot of detail about what is in Tesla, but I try to provide a point to the GitHub project and three high-level feature description.
  • I end with a pointer to two O’Reilly Radar interviews I conducted at JavaOne: the first with Duncan Mills of the Hudson project and the second with Andrew Bayer.

That’s it for this week.   If anyone has any feedback, fire away.   Send an email to tobrien@discursive.com.