bob lee on java references, square, and deploying rails on the jvm

I just did a piece on Radar related to my video interview with Bob Lee last week. Read the whole piece here.

Bob wasn’t on the schedule, I just assumed he wasn’t going to be around an Oracle conference given that Oracle wanted to depose him in The Java Lawsuit of the Century. I called him that morning and told him to stop by whenever. Luckily he did because he’s one of the more interesting interviews of the day (no offense to anyone I interviewed, they were all interesting).

Anyway, as a result of bumping into him that Monday, he ended up keynoting Android Open the next week and I also had a chance to stop by Square the next day to conduct a longer interview focused on how Square hires engineers. If you think you’d find that interesting, please badger me to process that content and get Bob to review it.

The interview contains some interesting tidbits about how Square and Twitter (two closely related companies) are working together to figure out a good way to deploy Rails applications on the JVM. As someone who has had to fight this battle myself, I think this is a story worth following – there are so many ways to deploy Rails on the JVM these days, but the excessive number of options can be confusing.

So, instead of embedding the video here, I’m pointing you at the Radar site. I’m not sure if these guys are convinced this content is worth producing, so if you like it. Please leave a comment or send them a note. I’m a programmer and I think programming it at the core of the O’Reilly brand. I think they need to do more developer-focused coverage.