wait, what? amazon’s dirty laundry aired by former employee

Again, these “I used to work at XYZ” posts are in bad taste. Here’s the interesting quote:

They don’t give a single shit about charity or helping the needy or
community contributions or anything like that. Never comes up
there, except maybe to laugh about it.

Really? I mean, it’s established that Bezos has an entirely different idea about charity than Google, but this seems a bit low. Amazon (and for that matter Apple) both went on the record as companies more interested in creating wealth than supporting charity. And, both likely did more good in the world than bad.

I find these posts interesting because it is a window into a company I depend upon (both in terms of commerce and EC2). It is a change to see inside the engineering department even if it is through possibly warped and jaundiced windows.

When will these companies get around to figuring out a way to craft an exit agreement that precludes such ranting. Surely these things are entertaining, but you can’t trust a word of it. Who knows if this guy was just an unhappy cube dweller or someone with legitimate complaints.

Read this former Amazon and current Google employee’s rant here.