to blog or to plus

Google+ was released and it sucked up all my “build time” this week. What,”, you ask, “is Build Time?”

Every programmer has “Build Time” in the immediate development workflow. “Build Time” is the time is takes you to build, deploy, and test whatever system you are working on. If you are lucky enough to work on something like Rails or Javascript, your “Build Time” tends to be zero. If you are unlucky enough to work on a Java Web Application with a large set of unit tests, your “Build Time” could be anywhere from a minute to ten. If you are constantly changing code, compiling, building, and deploying. You’ll have some time to browse.

…and this week, all of that browsing has been consumed by Google Plus, and not in a “Oh, oh, look at the new toy” sort of way. I’ve already used Google Plus to identify some interesting libraries that I used in web development (example the d3.js visualization library was shared by Dylan Field). I’ve used Google Plus to support collaboration with other writes and developers at work.

So, Plus has already proven to me that it has utility both for work as well as being a way for me to send baby pictures to the family. In this way it’s utility has already far exceeded that of Facebook.

The questions I ask myself (and blog about) is whether or not Google Plus+ is an appropriate place for longer pieces of content. Here are two examples:

An Interview with Bob McWhirter for O’Reilly Radar

I packaged up an interview with Bob McWhirter as a way to motivate OSCON Java attendance. It took forever to get the content ready, and now it is sitting in the Radar Editor’s inbox awaiting some attention. I think it just needs to be reformatted and pushed to some Perl-based blogging system (Moveable Type). Once that is done it will be readable on Radar.

Yet, I wonder if it wouldn’t get a larger audience if I just went ahead and published the interview on Google+ alongside a link to a YouTube video. I’m not getting paid directly for the content, the effort is somewhat “volunteerish”. I may just go ahead and put the interview up and see what the response is…. thinking.

A Longish Plus Response

I just posted a longish response to someone’s Google Plus post earlier today. You can see it here. The platform immediately notified the people I mentioned, and I got immediate responses (something I’d never get on this blog BTW, it takes a day for people to show up, comment, etc.).

So, I’m wondering if Plus is for blogging.