Want to Use Apache Cassandra with Maven? Too bad.

This is annoying. Almost every library you can think of is in Maven Central. Everything. Except a few libraries. There’s a post on the dev list where some guy has stepped up to volunteer to get this to work, but then there is some message from Gary Dusbabek back in April where he says:

“There is no way to sugar coat this, so I’ll just say it: I’m a mvn hater, so I have to disagree with you. The basis of my hatred is that I’ve used mvn before (as part of my job) and found it extremely encumbering as a developer.”

Awesome. So, now I have to manually upload this library to a repository manager, because Maven ate someone’s lunch a few years ago. Gary correctly identifies the process of uploading to a private repository manager as being “easy”, but I’m just going to go on the record stating that projects that don’t publish in Maven Central are a royal PITA. Seriously, look at threads like this one. Cassandra’s just too good for Maven I guess.