iBatis moved to Google Code

I see two big options for persistence: Hibernate and iBatis. Even though Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) has fallen out of vouge lately, it is still hugely important to most systems. While I’ve contributed to books on Hibernate and I continue to use it, I’ve come to see iBatis as the lightweight alternative to the monster that is Hibernate + Spring. So, when I saw that iBatis was moving to the attic my first fear was that the project had somehow died.

It turns out that they are not finished, the team is simply moving the project to Google Code and changing the name to myBatis. Here is the project page.

If you are interested in the reasons behind the move. You can read the announcement here. The list of reasons in that announcement is couched as a set of “Goals”. It looks like the project team probably wanted a lightweight process and access to some infrastructure that the ASF wasn’t willing to support.

The ASF infrastructure team walks a fine line, they have to be flexible, but they also have to support a large organization. OTOH, since open source communities tend to be a center of innovation wrt to development infrastructure, so they have an incentive not to limit innovation and experimentation wrt dev tools. In terms of objections to process and procedure? I find it strange that a project can make it through the Incubator without realizing some of these constraints.