The Working Programmer uses Windows

Here’s a graph of the traffic breakdown by OS from Google Analytics of the Common Java Cookbook:

Can you guess which colors represent which operating systems?

  • 1st Place: Blue: Windows
  • 2nd Place: Green: Linux
  • 3rd Place: Orange: Mac

It is no contest. Working developers use Windows. If they don’t use Windows then they just as likely to use Linux or Mac. This is a year-long snapshot from Jan 1st ’09-’10, and this trend is consistent with other larger, developer-focused web sites that I see analytics numbers for.

3 thoughts on “The Working Programmer uses Windows

  1. Interesting1. It would be good to split between desktop/laptop, and while there's no direct info in the HTTP header, screen resolution may be a cue. Why? Linux is not a very good laptop OS. Yet. 2. That 12% Linux is actually fairly significant. I am involved in a community web log (Bristol Traffic), and we see 6% Linux, 9% mac, the rest windows, with windows split 74% XP, 22% Vista, the rest noise. Firefox is #1 browser overall at 52%, IE 31%, which shows an EU slant I guess.

  2. oops, dates wrong, those were 2008 stats. So far this year:OS: 76% windows, 17% OS/X, 5.35% LinuxBrowser: 46% FF, 32% IE, 12% safari, 8% chrome.The browser market has got more diverse, The MacOS percentage appears to have increased. Appears. Its a non-developer site, so should be more representative of community engagement.

  3. Correction! The Working Java Programmer uses Windows.:PEdit: I see you mentioned other "developer-focused" sites reflect a similar pattern. Still, I'd imagine that chart shifts on a language-by-language basis though.

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