More Musing on the Maven User List

Very often someone shows up on the Maven User list with a question along the lines of:
How can I get Maven to compile my project using dependencies? Your help is very much appreciated.” I usually translate this into: “I’m a student who has just been asked to use Maven and I want you to do my homework.” Or worse, “My boss wants me to learn Maven, will you learn it for me and after you are done send me detailed instructions. I am too lazy to read the free book.” These emails are obvious, you can see them a mile away… very often they go ignored for days and days. Everyone who sticks around this list knows that you just don’t engage these people, it just encourages them to come back with more questions that could have been answered with a simple use of Google.

One thought on “More Musing on the Maven User List

  1. Hey, you should see some of the hadoop postings. the "can hadoop replace my database" posting by someone who comes up half an hour later with no understanding of what a classpath is. It's painful to watch.

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