Maven needs more opinion…

When I hear that someone has blogged about some general Maven hatred, I cringe and expect to read a post that consists of 30% incorrect assumptions about how Maven should be used, 50% ignorance of the most basic concepts, and 20% truth.

What can be done:

  • The Maven Users lists needs to become a bit more opinionated for first time users. If someone enters into the discussion asking the following question:

    “I’m attempting to publish a directory full of JARs to my local repository using the Install plugin.”

    The first reaction should be, “No, use a repository manager.” Not, “Let me find seventeen ways to help you do a series of backflips to get Maven to do something it was never intended to do.”. Maven isn’t the general Swiss-army knife tool that many approach it as. While it *can* be made to do anything you want it to do, there are core assumptions that shouldn’t be challenged. Half of the criticism we deal with is from people that were never told: “Don’t try this, don’t try to use Maven for this.”

  • The Maven community needs a better FAQ. I’m of the opinion that the lack of a good FAQ is directly related to the difficulty of the APT format. If Maven had a better FAQ, we’d have less people approaching it with the wrong assumptions.

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