Common Java Cookbook 0.17 PDF Now Available

A few weeks ago, the Common Java Cookbook received a spike of traffic from DZone. In the intervening weeks, people let me know that they really want a PDF version of the book…

PDF Now Available

You can download the PDF, or you can read the book on Scribd…

The Common Java Cookbook

Refactored and Expanded Project Infrastructure

JIRA Project and Mailing Lists at Codehaus – I’m just starting to track progress on the work over at Codehaus, Browse the CJCOOK JIRA Project or sign up for the mailing lists.

Multimodule Build – Also, I took some time last week to split up the Commons Java Cookbook into a Multimodule Maven project that uses a number of plugins to fully automate the publishing pipeline. If you want to checkout the source code for everything, take a look at the GitHub repository.

Build Improvements

I’m focusing on the book build because I’m trying to make it easier for me to move quickly before I start developing more content. I’m working on some automation tools that will make it easier to build, test, and inject all of the code samples in the book, and I’m also looking for even more ways to distribute the content. In the next few weeks, expect more news about an Eclipse version of the book and a version of the book for ebook readers.