I’m opening up this thing… Common Java Cookbook

As promised, I’m opening up the license for the cj-cookbook. I’m starting out with Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivatives-Non-commercial 3.0 US. So, I think that this license is a bit Draconian. It essentially means: “Can’t sell it, don’t use it for training, don’t change it, and tell everyone I wrote it.” Doesn’t that seem a bit vain for an open source project? I might relax the license a bit by dropping the NoDerivs clause, but I’m still mulling it over. Does anyone reading this post have any particular feelings about what license this book should be under? Does anyone want to challenge me to release it under ASL 2.0? I have been critical of viral licenses in the past, so it would be ironic of me to release it under the GPL Documentation licenses.

Today I…

I’m sick of writing books behind walls, it’s time to bring it all out into the open.

3 thoughts on “I’m opening up this thing… Common Java Cookbook

  1. I just wanted to say a “big thanks” for the work you put into this. I’ve already sent the link to quite a few friends and colleagues and look forward to following your blog and future work. Thanks again!Justin N. Chicago, IL

  2. @Mike, various publishers have been investing in collaborative, Wiki-based authoring efforts for years. I’m not convinced that good writing emerges from such a collaborative process, I also think that a good book is full of Semantic markup – it is difficult to annotate a Wiki page with all of the inline markup and reference types you need to render meaningful content.But, I’ll write more about the reasoning here. I think a lot of people look at books at say, “Yeah, that should totally be a wiki….” but, once you start getting into the details of writing a book you realize that the technology is the least important factor.

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