FriendFeed: Stick a Fork in it… it’s done

I’ve been getting a lot of spam FriendFeed follows lately, that’s usually the first sign that a social networking site has started to turn irrelevant. Anyone else notice an influx of high following to follower ratio FriendFeed users of late? This picture below illustrates everything that is wrong about tying to use sites like FriendFeed for marketing. The “expert” is trying to bump up her followers by mass following 12,000 people. She has also just tweeted about some tool that can automate FriendFeed subscriptions. FriendFeed… creeping toward irrelevance?

Note to the “Direct Marketing” and “Social Media Expert” crowds. FriendFeed != Twitter. Just because you suddenly follow 12,000 people using some automated tool doesn’t mean that they will follow you back.