Two O’Reilly Posts this Morning: PGP-10 and Justifying Twitter Trends

First, I wrote a quick piece pointing people to the Personal Genome Project. Church’s experiment is expanding beyond the initial group of 10 luminaries and is starting to invite more participants. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, from some discussions at last year’s Scifoo, I’m convinced that aggregating everyone’s Genetic sequence into a massive data set would yield a series of benefits that could potentially transform our understanding of disease. The simple act of creating an index of the human genome and comparing that index to the incident rate of various pathologies could yield clues as to the cause of various conditions.

Second, a response to Morozov’s Twitter missive in Foreign Policy. Morozov sounds the alarm that Twitter has the potential to misinform and bemoans the excessive number of tin-hat conspiracy theorists on the platform. Listen, Twitter is a communications platform, and, as such, a bunch of crazies are always going to show up to the party. I don’t think that you discount the entire conversation because of eight example Tweets… nor do I think it is helpful or original to view Twitter as a potential terrorist threat. Maybe Morozov was auditioning for the role of Fox News columnist?