CJCOOK: 0.14: Bulk of Jakarta References Removed

This is a quick follow-up to release 0.13. Most of the references to Jakarta are now removed from the book. Some projects, like the now defunct Slide or the very inactive ORO, are still in Jakarta. Projects like Lucene and HttpClient which were both parts of Jakarta when the original book was published have been updated, and I’m pointing to the project sites for Apache Lucene and Apache HttpClient (or is it HttpComponents? See a later update.)

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Next steps:

  1. Changing all internal link elements to xrefs and getting rid of hard-coded section references. For some reason, the XML I got back from O’Reilly has hard-coded text in link elements that reference section numbers. So if you see a reference to Section 1.4, click on it, and end up looking at Section 1.2, this is because I must have deleted a section. DocBook has the facility to generate XRef text at render time so I have to modify all the internal link elements to xrefs and set the label style.
  2. Write a Unit Test that compares the text of a ulink element with the target URL. If the text of a ulink begins with “http://”, I need to make sure that the anchor tag is going to link to the exact same URL. There are already a few examples in the book where there are inconsistencies between the URL that is printed and the URL that is being linked to.
  3. Write a Unit Test that tests all ulinks for 404s. This is important for consistency, I need to figure out a way to do this automatically for other books as well, so I’m thinking about a way to do this in a Maven plugin.

Long Term:

I can’t tell if the hc.apache.org project has actually released 4.0 or if we’re stuck in a perpetual beta. I don’t want to update the book to talk about httpcore until I’m sure it isn’t going to change. I do know that I have to circle back at some point and:

  1. Update the Http/DAV chapter: Change it to reference the new Http Components Project
  2. Update the Http/DAV chapter: Change the sections that discuss Jakarta Slide to reference Apache Jackrabbit
  3. Update the Lucene Samples to use the Latest Release: Right now this part of the book references version 1.9.1 because there was an API change wrt configuring the Document.

Issue Tracker

I need an issue tracker for this project, and I can’t decide between Trac and JIRA. On the one hand, I like Trac’s simplicity, but, on the other hand, I’m pretty sure I could benefit from some of the subtask stuff that is available in Jira. Decisions, decisions, decisions….