CJCOOK: Updated All Component Versions

I did a quick pass to Common Java Cookbook to update some of the version numbers. Current release version is now 0.12, and you can expect a 0.13 release on Monday that is going to remove most of the references to “Jakarta”. This book uses the following versions of components:

Component Version Notes
Commons Beanutils 1.8.0
Commons Collections 3.2.1
Commons Digester 1.8
Commons HttpClient 3.1 Will update to 4 as soon as the HttpCore stuff is released
Commons JEXL 1.1
Commons JXPath 1.3
Commons Lang 2.4
Commons Logging 1.0.4
Log4J 1.2.15
Commons CLI 1.1
Commons Configuration 1.6
Commons IO 1.4
Commons Math 1.2
Commons Net 2.0
Velocity 1.6.1
Slide 2.1 We’re replacing this with Jackrabbit
Freemarker 2.3.15
Commons Betwixt 0.8
Lucene 1.9.1 We need to upgrade this item.
Component Version Notes