CJCOOK: Removing References to Jakarta (up to ch5)

If you haven’t noticed, Jakarta was dismantled. It now contains a shell of projects which are largely inactive. The community which was Jakarta once contained hundreds of committers and was the center of open source Java. It was Jakarta that produced Ant, Maven, Struts, Log4J, Lucene… among others. While Jakarta was an interesting crucible for innovation, it didn’t scale very well and there were an endless series of flamewars and management problems due to the fact that it was just too large for its own good. Sometime in 2003 or 2004, a decision was made to split Jakarta into separate TLPs and Commons eventually moved to Apache Commons (http://commons.apache.org).

Release 0.13 of Common Java Cookbook updates everything up to Chapter 5, removing references to “Jakarta Commons” components in favor of “Apache Commons”. Where a project was called “Jakarta Commons Collections” it is now called “Commons Collections”.

Next step: I’ll follow this release up with a 0.14 that removes all of the references to Jakarta XYZ.