Common Java Cookbook: Release 0.10: Book Examples ZIP

Release 0.10 – the book’s example project is now published as a ZIP file. There are some missing resource files that I will try to address in the next few releases, but all of the Java Source code that accompanies the book is now available as a Maven 2 project. (For more information about Maven 2, see Maven: The Definitive Guide).

  1. Go to the Online Common Java Cookbook.
  2. Click on “Download Book Examples” in the upper right-hand of the page header

Unless someone gives me a good reason to, I’m not going to publish a “tar.gz” or “tar.bz2” in addition to the “zip” archive. Every machine I use, regardless of OS has some utility that can unzip a ZIP archive: Linux, OSX, Windows. Does anyone have a compelling reason for me to publish a bunch of different archive formats?

What happened to release 0.9?, you ask. Nothing, I mistakenly deployed the 0.9 release only to realize that I hadn’t added the examples file. Since Maven makes it so easy to cut another release, I simply reran the release process to fix the issue.