Track Your Intimate Encounters with Me-trics?

I finally got an invite to today, and I feel hoodwinked. I had read about me-trics after looking at and noticing that they presented at some TechCrunch conference. Here’s a blurb from the TechCrunch site:

Me-trics wants to be “Google analytics for your life.” By doing that, it collects data from countless places on the Web based on your activity and will let you input data like blood pressure or stress level to find correlations between something you have observed and the data you input.

Now, with a goal as audacious as becoming the “Google analytics for your life”, you can’t help but be impressed. But, after signing up for the beta, I’m less than impressed. While the front-page and all the promotional crapola on the TechCrunch leads you to believe that this is a revolutionary attempt at personal metrics, what you end up using is something just a few days past the “idea” phase.

Here’s how the site works… You have “surveys” which contain “survey questions”. One example survey question is “Coffee drank” to which you would supply a number. There is little guidance as to what this number means; for example, if I type in “1” for Coffee drank is that one cup or one liter? Survey questions are grouped into categories, for example under Health/Food there is “Coffee drank”, “Beer drank”, “Fast food meals”, “Sweets Eaten”… Under exercise, there is “miles run”, “laps swam”, etc. Under Online there is “Gamertag score for XBox”, “Tweets”, “Twitter followers”… Now, get ready for this, under “Social” there is:

Right, Intimate Encounters…. that’s awful. Did I mention that surveys and survey questions are public by default. How soon until some poor sap signs up and starts to unknowingly trumpet his or her sex life to the world.

Hoodwink: To “Take in” by deceptive means

I can see where this might be useful for tracking health, maybe quitting smoking, but it is very labor intensive. I was initially attracted to the site because they had the Nike Plus logo but I don’t see any integration with Nike Plus. The only integration I see is that they happen to hit a few public stats (like how many tweets I tweeted or how many followers I have on twitter). No Nike Plus integration, huh? Hmmm, I feel hoodwinked. I want automatic, I want a site that allows me to do some fairly complex correlations between my statistics. What has is really just a simple application to keep track of simple data points with some special jobs that can go get the number of twitter followers you have.

I had high expectations based on what I had read about me-trics. Looks like there was very little to anticipate hiding behind that invite-only beta. It should take more than this to get the attention of TechCrunch, it should take more than this to get the attention of the VC industry. Maybe they will surprise me with a revision? Maybe not. I would like to see someone create a solution I’d be willing to use, the idea of having a single place to track data like this is compelling, but this isn’t it.

Conclusions: That’s the last time I pay attention to TechCrunch.