Craig Newmark Interview

This is an interview I conducted in July of 2008. Although the content is nearly five months old, there are some interesting snippets from this interview: Craig’s brief history of how Craigslist was started, the description of his day to day experience, and his blunt confession of a lack of managerial skills.

The problem with most coverage of Newmark in the “traditional” press is that they tend to focus on Craig Newmark as “that quirky, eccentric geek who isn’t as rich as he could be”. If they are not expressing astonishment at the fact that he doesn’t employ thousands and drive a Tesla around Mountain View, then they are often throwing around titles like “The Man Who Killed the Newspaper” (both unfair and inaccurate). I tend to see Craig as just another technologist, about as quirky and eccentric as the mean in this industry. When you interview Craig about Craigslist, you come away with the same feeling you get from someone like Jason Fried. Like Fried (or Fried like Newmark) is stoic and focused on supporting the customer. Newmark is focused.

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