Development Release of Archetype Chapter

I’m throwing together a quick chapter on the Maven Archetype plugin which was recently rennovated and rereleased with some interesting new features (like the ability to generate an artifact from an existing project). I’m starting with instructions for how to generate projects with artifacts, and I’ll eventually put some instructions for best practices for creating artifacts.

This chapter on Maven Archetypes hasn’t reached Draft status yet, it is in a pre-alpha stage. I’m publishing works in progress because I believe that transparency in writing benefits both the author and the community. A book is much more than the pages (or web pages) it is printed on, and the true meaning of a book is captured in both the content and conversation it provokes. As this is a pre-alpha release of a chapter, don’t worry about reporting typos. Expect them until a quality beta version of this chapter is released. If you do care to provide any feedback, tell me what you want to read. If, after reading this pre-alpha chapter you are longing to know how to X, Y, or Z. Go over to our Get Satisfaction page and file a suggestion or an
idea. We’re very interested in the feedback.

Don’t expect the Archetype chapter to be in pre-alpha for weeks and weeks, one thing I’m particularly disinterested in is leaving readers with cliffhanger endings – sections that provide 95% of the essential information only to leave them with a table that hasn’t been completed or a section that was written in a hurry. This is a new practice of “Agile Writing”, and I’ve taken care to publish complete sections. While the enumeration of third-party plugins isn’t complete and this chapter lacks a section on
generating artifacts, the paragraphs and third-level sections that have been published are in this version because I didn’t want to sit on the content for weeks and weeks.

Xpect ah lott of tipos inh this chapther(, but don’t report ’em yet).