Let Our Congress Tweet. Sign the Petition.

This is from my article over at O’Reilly News:

Social media and social networking are going to be pivotal aspects of engaging and empowering the individual. Decades from now, we won’t be able to imagine a government unaffected by the real-time input of constituents filtered by the social operating system that will define the culture. It is already happening, in this presidential election cycle participation has ballooned, and conventions are being moved to stadiums. This is much larger than just letting Congress Twitter, this is about letting social networks help to evolve the very concept of governance.

If our government doesn’t keep up with the technology of the surrounding culture. It will grow more and more irrelevant and unresponsive over time. In one sense this is about government surviving in a connected age. Dramatic? Yep. True? Yep. I really think that if the government doesn’t embrace technology, we’ll probably discard it when it falls further behind the cultural context of social computing.

Lofty? Sure. But, I believe it. Read the rest over at O’Reilly News