Unreasonable Maven Expectations

OMFG: “On a project we’re working on there are 43 modules. After the initial compilation, when nothing has changed, maven takes a minute to run.” (from this interminable comment thread over at Ship’s blog)

Listen, I’m sorry that it took about a minute for Maven to run through 43 projects that didn’t need any code compiled. Cry me a river. How many source files needed to be scanned, what were the projects? Dude goes on to say that it takes 5 minutes on a Solaris machine. Sorry, I can’t debug your company’s crappy build machine, maybe you should work somewhere that has heftier build machines instead of complaining that Maven takes too long to scan your project for timestamps. (And when are you waiting for the 5 minute build to run? Don’t you have a CI system like Hudson?)

He then goes on to say that he feels insulted. I am tired of people coming out swinging at Maven, getting some push back and then telling me they feel “insulted”. Toughen up people, you come out with some baloney about Maven or if you ask a question like the one below, you are going to get some acrid, unapologetic pushback from yours truly:

“Why should someone read a 600+ book about a build tool?? We’re not talking about 600+ pages to understand esoteric plugins, we’re talking 600+ pages to understand basic functionality. Don’t you think it is too much?”

Errr… no, you probably only need to read about 40 of those pages to figure out the basics, the rest is extra credit. Maybe if you bothered to invest *any* time in learning the tool, you’d learn about things like:

Maybe he wouldn’t feel insulted if I said something like, “Oh, I’m so sorry you have unreasonable expectations about your build tool and that your company can’t afford to upgrade your build server. I’ve heard your complaints and I value your feelings and expressions.” Sorry, I don’t. Sarcastic rhetorical questions, gain a sarcastic response.

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