Recent IM Conversation about Rapidweaver

Courtesy of XKCD

  • ME: Hmm, you don’t the tool doesn’t support anything like that
  • ME: I’m essentially going to hand craft the theme we’ve already made to do this
  • ME: Rapidweaver is the kind of tool that you approach with an idea of how it should work
  • ME: It quickly fails to meet your expectation and then you have to figure out what it is all about
  • ME: It is somewhat counterintuitive in that, it allows you to create a web site, but it doesn’t really allow you complete control like Dreamweaver
  • ME: It is a “Now you are playing by my rules” sort of tool that demands you submit your will to it entirely
  • OTHER: i… will… submit…
  • ME: resistance is futile
  • OTHER: so, if you send us a sandwich, and we do some edits, can we publish it back at any time? or do we need to coordinate with you guys to make sure we’re not blowing away something you’ve done in the meantime?
  • ME: Right, for now, I’d recommend just sending me text… in an email
  • OTHER: ok
  • ME: Passing sandwiches back and forth will work but only when we coordinate timing
  • OTHER: ok, we’ll be careful
  • ME: Like, “You’ve got the sandwich today!”. You, “Ok, I am the master of the sandwich”. Me, “I won’t modify my sandwich”, etc.