First Interviews for O’Reilly Published Today

I recorded an interview wth Brian Cox of CERN last Wednesday, and I just published them on

Check out the Interview Here – it is about 45 minutes long. Highlights include some in-depth questions about the science, technology, and computing behind the Large Hadron Collider. Brian also does a great job debunking some of this black hole FUD against the accelerator and building up the case for funding direct research. Listen to the whole thing, it gets much more interesting toward the end.

In addition to the interview piece I published another article with more technical and computing background about the Large Hadron Collider and the computing behind the effort. “Large Hadron Collider as Massive Grid Computer” is also published on the O’Reilly News site.

My goal with this story was to cover something broader than just another technology issue. I feel like the industry needs to be reminded that there are people in the world using computers to do more than just another web application. Scientific computing is a huge area that I’m interested in and I’ll be agitating for more coverage in the weeks and months to come. I was sick of reading technology news that is focused on the wrong conversations: which language is better? and who’s web application framework is going to “revolutionize” everything?

DHH’s Rails framework is nothing compared to RenĂ© Brun’s and Fons Rademakers’ LGPL’d High Energy Physics (HEP) ROOT Framework.