Two Five Stars for Harnessing Hibernate on Amazon

First, a review from Liz Hills. Liz gave the book five stars and she writes:

There has been a real lack of good, up to date, READABLE books about Hibernate on the market. You only have to scan amazon to see some of the horrible reviews many books have received. But this book is excellent, and I can assure you that many five star reviews will follow this one.

Another Five Star review from W. Lehman “Lionel Hutz”, he writes:

…I kind of went all over the map but the book is truly amazing. If you’re looking for lots of theory, I recommend The Holy Bible. It starts with the beginning. If, however, you’re an impatient developer this is the book for you. I think it offers just enough in-depth theory and it keeps you awake with frequent easy to understand (and well explained too) code.

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