Hank Williams Resonates on "Hypocrisy"

I’m beginning to read Hank William’s blog Why Does Everything Suck?. I stumbled upon Hank’s writing today because I’m thinking about the effects of piracy on the content creator. In this entry about a business idea to ask for free, voluntary design work, Hank raises an interesting question. How many people who have a problem with asking people to volunteer design work for free are themselves taking part in piracy? He writes:

In one case, the creator of the work has decided that it is totally fine that you may view their work for free in the hope that you will chose them. In the other case, the creator of the work explicitly expects to get paid, but instead you steal it.

I cannot say that the specific people making these particular comments have ever pirated even one MP3. But since the majority of people steal music, statistically it is likely most of the people who would argue that 99 designs is unethical, see nothing unethical about actually *stealing* someone else’s work.

What is amazing is that we as people are so often fundamentally unable to see such simple logical fallacies. What is wrong for you is right for me. Doing “X” is wrong because it hurts me, but if I do the same thing, or worse to you, that’s OK.

Hank returns to the theme today in another post on “The Theft Economy”. I wonder what triggered today’s post.