A Wi-fi Dilemna

It is a gloomy and awful day outside (snowing on April 28th!), I go a little stir crazy when I’m stuck my office toiling away at the various solitary pursuits which bring in currency.

I work right next to a coffee bar in Evanston – The Italian Coffee Bar. I like the coffee….well actually, it’s the only coffee I’m not allergic to. for some reason I’m very allergic to Metropolis coffee, but not allergic to Alterra coffee (or Starbucks coffee). Anyway, my Wireless G router is within range of this particular coffee bar that doesn’t offer wireless ethernet. I never asked if I could, but I’ve started working from this particular coffee bar.

No big deal, right?

No problem.

Until someone asks, “Hey, I didn’t know they had Wifi here?”

Me, “Well, they don’t, but I do.”

(Freeze Frame)

Now the part I didn’t tell you is that I share an office with the owner of the aforementioned coffee bar. I haven’t really probed the topic too much, but it is a safe assumption that the lack of Wi-fi is a purposeful business decision. So, what to do? What to do? While I don’t mind a sea of random wi-fi users, I also don’t want to go against the wishes of my office-mate.

(Resume normal playback speed)

Me, “I broke into the guy’s wifi next door, but you might not be able to do the same, I’ve got some software that breaks the WEP algorithm.”

And, that seems to solve the problem for good.