I (really) have it in for Doxia

I guess, I’m really just gunning for Doxia.

  1. I believe Maven is a great idea, I wouldn’t be writing about it if I didn’t think so.
  2. I believe that Maven is strongest when it delegates to the established tool (think, Maven didn’t go out and try to replace JUnit).
  3. Maven-generated sites are stuck in 2001. I think partly because of a synergy of suckage (Doxia, APT, FML, XDoc)
  4. Developers function best when the step away from the HTML. They might *think* they know what they are doing, but trust me, they always fuck it up (see previous post)

Now, I know it goes against common wisdom, but I’d be happy to see Mavenland abandon Doxia entirely. Maybe I can be convinced otherwise.

…anyone who doesn’t know about Maven is going to read this and think (WTF is Doxia). Sorry