I (really) have it in for Doxia

I guess, I’m really just gunning for Doxia.

  1. I believe Maven is a great idea, I wouldn’t be writing about it if I didn’t think so.
  2. I believe that Maven is strongest when it delegates to the established tool (think, Maven didn’t go out and try to replace JUnit).
  3. Maven-generated sites are stuck in 2001. I think partly because of a synergy of suckage (Doxia, APT, FML, XDoc)
  4. Developers function best when the step away from the HTML. They might *think* they know what they are doing, but trust me, they always fuck it up (see previous post)

Now, I know it goes against common wisdom, but I’d be happy to see Mavenland abandon Doxia entirely. Maybe I can be convinced otherwise.

…anyone who doesn’t know about Maven is going to read this and think (WTF is Doxia). Sorry

Ironic, the Maven Site Plugin web page…

I’m rewriting the site chapter, but my heart is just not in it. For one thing, I detest web sites generated with Maven, and I’ve always avoided them. Jason introduced me to the XSite plugin, and I’m warning up to the idea of using it to completely replace the whole APT, FML, XDoc trainwreck.

So, I’m look at the site plugin page today and I resize my window only to see….the CSS explode. Ugh, that’s ironic isn’t it?

The most disheartening thing about that page isn’t the CSS being all screwed up, it is the page title. Just click on the picture, look at the title of the window. This is the sort of stuff that makes me just want to leave the site chapter out of the Maven book entirely. Who thinks it ironic that the person currently leading the mavenbook effort detests Maven-generated web sites….. (Ok, that’s one..two..three, well, looks like everybody raised a hand for that question….)

Can we get a better logo? I’m entirely sick of looking at that frustrated man’s ass on the Maven site.