Argh! More of Hateful Eclipse

Finally I get everything working…. I’ve got a webapp in Eclipse running with m2eclipse and WTP plugins cooperating, when Eclipse starts failing left and right. I’m using OSX 10.5 and evidently there is a big nasty big in Java-SWT compatibility on the platform. This means that every time I try to search for a class by name (or a resource), Eclipse has a 1 in 3 chance at a critical failure….you know rolling beachball of death sort of thing.

What’s the fix? Installing Ganymede M5 distribution and reinstalled all of my plugins. Lovely, another hour wasted.

After installed the latest m2eclipse from Sonatype, I then realized that there was something wrong with my (alpha install) of Nexus.. One thing led to another, I tried to follow the upgrade instructions I helped write over here, but they are not relevant to a alpha-beta upgrade.

After reinstalling Eclipse, reinstalling Nexus, upgrading my plugins (m2eclipse and subclipse – at least I’m down to two). Then I had a problem with m2eclipse using the embedded installation of Maven. After pointing m2eclipse to my existing installation of Maven, everything works (finally).

Hopefully, I can get some work done today?