Release of Maven Hibernate3 Plugin Version 2.0

Maven Hibernate3 Plugin

I’ve helped Johann Reyes release the next version of the Maven Hibernate3 plugin. While it still lacks a good deal of documentation, I fixed a few bugs and made sure that the documentation was a bit more polished. You can use this plugin to do almost anything you can do with the hibernate tools project. This includes:

  • Generating Model Objects from Hibernate Mapping XML
  • Generating Hibernate Mapping XML via Reverse Engineering
  • Exporting Schema from Hibernate Mappings
  • Exporting Schema from Hibernate Annotations
  • Rendering Custom Templates against Hibernate Mappings (XML or Annotations)
  • Generating Hibernate Mapping Documentation

I was mostly interested in this because it supports some other efforts to write documentation for Hibernate. I was also leary of continuing to see this plugin release a series of “alpha” releases. Now that the plugin has reached a 2.0 release, it might be a good time to target the latest versions of Hibernate and Hibernate Tools in the 2.1-SNAPSHOT.

See the results: Maven Hibernate3 Plugin

Release Change Log for Version 2.0 and 2.0-alpha-2

Final 2.0 Release of the Maven 2.x Hibernate3 Plugin
Bug MHIBERNATE-34 FIXED Allow generic exporter (hbmtemplate) to optionaly add the generated source folder to the project compile source root folders list Major Closed
Verify templatePath changes work. If they don’t please apply the attached patch.
Major Closed
Improvement MHIBERNATE-51 FIXED Write Documentation for using Annotions with hibernate3 plugin Major Closed
Bug MHIBERNATE-60 FIXED scan-classes and scan-jars for annotationconfiguration not documented Major Closed
Bug MHIBERNATE-61 WON’T FIX Add ability to exclude output and test output directories from scan in default configuration Major Closed
Bug MHIBERNATE-59 WON’T FIX Support hbm2ddl’s quiet attribute Major Closed
Bug MHIBERNATE-56 FIXED Bug in hibernate3-maven-plugin configuration documentation Minor Closed
Improvement MHIBERNATE-55 FIXED It would be useful to be able to pull configuration in from the classpath as well as filesystem paths. Minor Closed
Bug MHIBERNATE-28 WON’T FIX java.util.MissingResourceException: Can’t find resource in validator bundles, key validator.notEmpty Blocker Closed
Bug MHIBERNATE-30 FIXED Running hbm2ddl from parent POM generates code in parent’s target directory Critical Closed
Bug MHIBERNATE-35 FIXED Cannot use custom template with hbmtemplate component Major Closed
Improvement MHIBERNATE-53 WON’T FIX Update the version of hibernate. Major Closed
Bug MHIBERNATE-20 DUPLICATE In multi module maven project, hbm2java generate model files in top most project even when the mojo is part of one of the modules Major Closed
New Feature MHIBERNATE-40 DUPLICATE allow templatepath to be configured in plugin