Re: Why Maven is Hard

I’m responding to this thread – “Re: Why Maven is Hard”

1. Maven isn’t difficult to understand – the core of the product is fairly straightforward. POM structure, the build lifecycle, convention over configuration. You can learn the essential bits of Maven in about one day.

2. There are a few Maven plugins which are a complete disaster. What do I mean by “disaster”? I mean that the documentation for the plugins is sparse, lofty, or non-existent.

3. The solution is two fold for plugins: create meaningful standards for plugin docs, enforce meaningful standards. Don’t release a plugin until it is fully documented.

4. Plugin documentation should fit on a single long html page. A plugin shouldn’t have a separate “site” which one has to navigate to. And, plugin documentation shouldn’t have site decoration.

Crazy idea I know….. plugin docs shouldn’t be html pages they should be man pages. Not literally (I’m not advocating using man) – I’m advocating getting away from plugin documentation as a structureless web page.