Ubuntu has RedHat in the Crosshairs

Sure, the Sun partnership with Canonical was no secret – everyone had an idea that Canonical was partnering with Sun, and that the Sun JDK 5 was going to be available in Ubuntu Feisty Fawn, but the more I look at Canonical the more I start to consider them the emerging leader in server-side Linux deployment.

Buried deep in this CNet article Dell Picks ubuntu for Linux PCs is the following:

The company is starting its business by trying to appeal to users of desktop computers. From there, Canonical Chief Executive Mark Shuttleworth has said, the company plans to head to the server market, where the real Linux bread and butter can be found.

Cook wouldn’t comment on whether Dell plans to offer Ubuntu on its servers as well. “We’re looking at Linux across the breadth of our product line. It takes a bit longer sometimes on that side. Stay tuned,” he said.