Programming Music: Kraftwerk and

I work in a shared office space, so it is essential that I have huge headphones and a good selection of music to zone out to. The alternative would be to listen to everyone’s trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific business phone calls. So, here I am listening to Meet the Press, BBC Documentaries, or This American Life podcasts.

But, when I need to really get a large amount of work done, I’m usually alternating between Kraftwerk and the Podcast by TC. Spacemusic is an interesting genre, I guess you would classify it as ambient (but I’m too old to be classifying electronica). Without fail, when I’m suffering from the (all too frequent) programmers block, a dose of Kraftwerk tends to do the trick. The only drawback of listening to Kraftwerk all day is that, after work, I’m not much of a conversationalist.