APT and XDocs are Dogs

I’ve been writing some APT of late, and it’s painful. Actually, on second thought almost everything that involves working with any sort of markup (no matter how lightweight) is incompatible with writing. It is difficult enough to proofread, nevermind having to constantly switch between the Wiki-esque markup of APT and then having to sit through a site generation.

And, what bozo came up with this as a way to create tables:

| Oh my dear God | This notation is embarrasing |

What we need is something that integrates output from a WYSIWYG Word Processor. Something that can read Open Office documents, or Word XML. Maybe a “Writely” (sorry Google Docs) plugin for Maven 2 site generation – I want to be able to write a document in Writely and then have Maven either integrate the content in some build process or find a creative way to link to a published Writely document.