Continnuum Wish List

1. RSS Feeds – I’d like to be able to configure continuum to give me per-project RSS feeds, per group RSS feeds, or a universl RSS Feed. Other possibilities, each user should be able to configure a custom RSS feed, selecting individual projects, etc.

2. When Adding a project via an SVN URL, support authentication. I could just be missing something, but when I try to add a project that is behind BASIC auth, it fails to load the POM. I’ve been looking, but I can’t find a mechanism to supply a username and password to Continuum when adding a new project. Again, maybe I’m just a dunce.

3. JS Include (aka Google Maps) it would be interesting to be able to syndicate Continuum behavior information with some sort of include. So, on a Maven project page you could just drop in some script include and get real-time information about project builds and failure.

4. Create a report framework – Continuum could provide some sort of report framework – so instead of a Maven project publishing all these static reports as HTML page. These HTML pages could be housed in Continuum itself. In this way, Continuum could provide a sort of autogenerated project “Wiki”.

5. Segmentation of a Continuum instance – I’d like to be able to host a bunch of different projects on a single instance of Continuum and have it only display certain projects to certain groups. Group A might have access to a different set of projects than Group B.